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14-07-201620:30Golden Horse2 - 10Duchess of Small Headington
21-07-201620:30Rainbow Does Top Gear11 - 1Golden Horse
28-07-201620:30Golden Horse7 - 5Coopers
28-07-201620:30Marc Brown1 - 3Andy Rose
28-07-201620:30Jay Cattell0 - 3Ed Bruley
28-07-201620:30Duchess of Small Headington7 - 5Rainbow Does Top Gear
28-07-201620:30Colin Cooper3 - 2Scott McMillan
28-07-201620:30Scott Foster0 - 3Daniel Trasler
28-07-201620:30Gary Matthews1 - 3Mark Oliver
04-08-201620:30Coopers7 - 5Duchess of Small Headington
04-08-201620:30Romaniacs8 - 4Golden Horse
11-08-201620:30Duchess of Small Headington9 - 3Romaniacs
11-08-201620:30Rainbow Does Top Gear9 - 3Coopers
18-08-201612:00Rob O'Keefe3 - 4Ed Bruley
18-08-201612:00Mark Oliver3 - 4Callum Singleton
18-08-201612:00Daniel Trasler3 - 4Kieron Thomas
18-08-201620:30Romaniacs6 - 6Rainbow Does Top Gear
25-08-201620:30Coopers6 - 6Romaniacs
01-09-201620:30Duchess of Small Headington9 - 3Golden Horse
08-09-201612:00Callum Singleton5 - 3Rob James
08-09-201620:30Golden Horse8 - 4Rainbow Does Top Gear
15-09-201620:30Coopers5 - 7Golden Horse
15-09-201620:30Rainbow Does Top Gear5 - 7Duchess of Small Headington
22-09-201620:30Duchess of Small Headington9 - 3Coopers
22-09-201620:30Golden Horse5 - 7Romaniacs
29-09-201612:00Callum Singleton6 - 1Ed Bruley
29-09-201620:30Coopers8 - 4Rainbow Does Top Gear
29-09-201620:30Romaniacs5 - 7Duchess of Small Headington
06-10-201620:30Rainbow Does Top Gear5 - 7Romaniacs
13-10-201620:30Romaniacs7 - 5Coopers
01-06-201720:30Golden Horse6 - 6Duchess of Small Headington
01-06-201720:30Romany Underdogs5 - 7Rainbow Does Top Gear
15-06-201720:30Golden Horse5 - 7Rainbow Does Top Gear
15-06-201720:30Romany Underdogs3 - 9Romaniacs
29-06-201720:30Rainbow Does Top Gear5 - 7Duchess of Small Headington
06-07-201720:30Golden Horse2 - 10Romaniacs
13-07-201720:30Romaniacs6 - 6Duchess of Small Headington
20-07-201700:24Paul Howton4 - 2Andy Rose
20-07-201700:24Dale Green3 - 4Ed Bruley
20-07-201700:24Scott McMillan4 - 1Steve Rose
20-07-201720:00Paul James4 - 3Rob James
20-07-201720:30Steve Rose3 - 2Dave Evans
20-07-201720:30Callum Singleton3 - 1Scott Foster
20-07-201720:30Rob O'Keefe1 - 3Paul James
20-07-201720:30Richie Matthews1 - 3Andy Rose
20-07-201720:30Paul Howton3 - 0Danny Milbourne
20-07-201720:30Daniel Thody2 - 3Ed Bruley
20-07-201720:30Andy Cox1 - 3Mark Oliver
20-07-201720:30Greg Brown1 - 3Gary Matthews
27-07-201720:30Golden Horse9 - 3Romany Underdogs
03-08-201720:30Romany Underdogs4 - 8Duchess of Small Headington
03-08-201720:30Romaniacs6 - 6Rainbow Does Top Gear
15-08-201720:00Ed Bruley5 - 0Scott McMillan
17-08-201720:00Graham Clarke5 - 0Gary Matthews
17-08-201721:00Paul Howton5 - 0Paul James
24-08-201720:30Duchess of Small Headington10 - 2Golden Horse
24-08-201720:30Rainbow Does Top Gear7 - 5Romany Underdogs
07-09-201720:30Rainbow Does Top Gear8 - 0Golden Horse
07-09-201720:30Romaniacs7 - 5Romany Underdogs
14-09-201720:30Graham Clarke3 - 6Callum Singleton
14-09-201720:30Ed Bruley0 - 6Paul Howton
21-09-201720:30Duchess of Small Headington9 - 3Rainbow Does Top Gear
28-09-201720:30Romaniacs9 - 3Golden Horse
05-10-201720:30Duchess of Small Headington11 - 1Romaniacs
12-10-201720:30Paul Howton3 - 7Callum Singleton
19-10-201720:30Romany Underdogs4 - 8Golden Horse
26-10-201720:30Duchess of Small Headington6 - 6Romany Underdogs
26-10-201720:30Rainbow Does Top Gear6 - 6Romaniacs
30-08-201820:30Romany Underdogs5 - 7Sports Bar X
30-08-201820:30Romaniacs7 - 5Coopers
30-08-201820:30Romany Evans5 - 7Romany Misfits
30-08-201820:30Golden Horse3 - 9Duchess of Small Headington
30-08-201820:30Sports Bar J0 - 8Rainbow Does Top Gear
06-09-201820:30Rainbow Does Top Gear10 - 2Sports Bar X
06-09-201820:30Coopers8 - 4Romany Underdogs
06-09-201820:30Romany Misfits7 - 5Romaniacs
06-09-201820:30Duchess of Small Headington9 - 3Romany Evans
06-09-201820:30Sports Bar J1 - 11Golden Horse
13-09-201820:30Sports Bar X3 - 9Coopers
13-09-201820:30Romany Underdogs7 - 5Romany Misfits
13-09-201820:30Romaniacs7 - 5Duchess of Small Headington
13-09-201820:30Romany Evans10 - 2Sports Bar J
13-09-201820:30Golden Horse6 - 6Rainbow Does Top Gear
20-09-201820:30Daniel Trasler3 - 2Neil Ward
20-09-201820:30Paul Howton3 - 2Danny Milbourne
20-09-201820:30Jason Cattell1 - 3Sarj Raja
20-09-201820:30Scott Foster3 - 0Dan Blackmore
20-09-201820:30Dale Green2 - 3Mark Oliver
25-10-201820:30Scott McMillan3 - 0Lee Wood
25-10-201820:30Dean Laker1 - 3Rob James
25-10-201820:30Ray Rampling3 - 0Gavin Hitchcock
25-10-201820:30Andy Rose3 - 0Aron Ross
25-10-201820:30Richie Matthews2 - 3Greg Brown