League Results






14-07-201620:30Zee Romans8 - 4Coopers
14-07-201620:30Bunnies3 - 9Rainbow Does Top Gear
14-07-201620:30Golden Horse2 - 10Duchess of Small Headington
21-07-201620:30Coopers10 - 2Bunnies
21-07-201620:30Rainbow Does Top Gear11 - 1Golden Horse
21-07-201620:30Romaniacs 2.05 - 7Zee Romans
28-07-201620:30Colin Cooper3 - 2Scott McMillan
28-07-201620:30Dean Griffin1 - 3Kieron Thomas
28-07-201620:30Rob James3 - 1Kerri Griffin
28-07-201620:30Dale Green0 - 3Emma Cunningham
28-07-201620:30Gary Matthews1 - 3Mark Oliver
28-07-201620:30Lauren Williams3 - 0Maria Lewis
28-07-201620:30Stacey Vine3 - 1Andy Cox
28-07-201620:30Rob O'Keefe3 - 0Lisa Reynolds
28-07-201620:30Dan Byrne3 - 0Richie Matthews
28-07-201620:30Marc Brown1 - 3Andy Rose
28-07-201620:30Paul Howton3 - 2Andy Turner
28-07-201620:30Luke Clinton3 - 1Wenda Hooton
28-07-201620:30Callum Singleton3 - 2Dave Biseker
28-07-201620:30Scott Foster0 - 3Daniel Trasler
28-07-201620:30Duchess of Small Headington7 - 5Rainbow Does Top Gear
28-07-201620:30Bunnies2 - 10Romaniacs 2.0
28-07-201620:30Golden Horse7 - 5Coopers
28-07-201620:30Jay Cattell0 - 3Ed Bruley
04-08-201620:30Zee Romans5 - 7Bunnies
04-08-201620:30Romaniacs 2.08 - 4Golden Horse
04-08-201620:30Coopers7 - 5Duchess of Small Headington
11-08-201620:30Rainbow Does Top Gear9 - 3Coopers
11-08-201620:30Duchess of Small Headington9 - 3Romaniacs 2.0
11-08-201620:30Golden Horse6 - 6Zee Romans
18-08-201612:00Stacey Vine4 - 2Colin Cooper
18-08-201612:00Paul James4 - 1Lauren Williams
18-08-201612:00Mark Oliver3 - 4Callum Singleton
18-08-201612:00Luke Clinton2 - 4Rob James
18-08-201612:00Rob O'Keefe3 - 4Ed Bruley
18-08-201612:00Andy Rose0 - 4Dan Byrne
18-08-201612:00Emma Cunningham4 - 0Paul Howton
18-08-201612:00Daniel Trasler3 - 4Kieron Thomas
18-08-201620:30Bunnies3 - 9Golden Horse
18-08-201620:30Zee Romans5 - 7Duchess of Small Headington
18-08-201620:30Romaniacs 2.06 - 6Rainbow Does Top Gear
25-08-201620:30Coopers6 - 6Romaniacs 2.0
25-08-201620:30Rainbow Does Top Gear4 - 8Zee Romans
25-08-201620:30Duchess of Small Headington10 - 2Bunnies
01-09-201620:30Duchess of Small Headington9 - 3Golden Horse
01-09-201620:30Coopers8 - 4Zee Romans
01-09-201620:30Rainbow Does Top Gear9 - 3Bunnies
08-09-201612:00Kieron Thomas1 - 5Stacey Vine
08-09-201612:00Ed Bruley5 - 3Dan Byrne
08-09-201612:00Callum Singleton5 - 3Rob James
08-09-201612:00Paul James4 - 5Emma Cunningham
08-09-201620:30Zee Romans8 - 4Romaniacs 2.0
08-09-201620:30Bunnies5 - 7Coopers
08-09-201620:30Golden Horse8 - 4Rainbow Does Top Gear
15-09-201620:30Rainbow Does Top Gear5 - 7Duchess of Small Headington
15-09-201620:30Romaniacs 2.09 - 3Bunnies
15-09-201620:30Coopers5 - 7Golden Horse
22-09-201620:30Bunnies2 - 10Zee Romans
22-09-201620:30Duchess of Small Headington9 - 3Coopers
22-09-201620:30Golden Horse5 - 7Romaniacs 2.0
29-09-201612:00Callum Singleton6 - 1Ed Bruley
29-09-201612:00Stacey Vine6 - 3Emma Cunningham
29-09-201620:30Zee Romans7 - 5Golden Horse
29-09-201620:30Romaniacs 2.05 - 7Duchess of Small Headington
29-09-201620:30Coopers8 - 4Rainbow Does Top Gear
06-10-201620:30Rainbow Does Top Gear5 - 7Romaniacs 2.0
06-10-201620:30Golden Horse9 - 3Bunnies
06-10-201620:30Duchess of Small Headington6 - 6Zee Romans
13-10-201620:30Romaniacs 2.07 - 5Coopers
13-10-201620:30Zee Romans7 - 5Rainbow Does Top Gear
13-10-201620:30Bunnies2 - 10Duchess of Small Headington
20-10-201612:00Stacey Vine3 - 7Callum Singleton
01-06-201720:30Golden Horse6 - 6Duchess of Small Headington
01-06-201720:30Farts and the Furious9 - 3Zee Romans
01-06-201720:30Pride of B25 - 7Rainbow Does Top Gear
01-06-201720:30Rotten Romans6 - 6Coopers A
08-06-201720:30Zee Romans7 - 5Golden Horse
08-06-201720:30Rainbow Does Top Gear3 - 9Farts and the Furious
08-06-201720:30Coopers A9 - 3Pride of B2
08-06-201720:30Romaniacs 2.09 - 3Rotten Romans
15-06-201720:30Pride of B23 - 9Romaniacs 2.0
15-06-201720:30Farts and the Furious4 - 8Coopers A
15-06-201720:30Golden Horse5 - 7Rainbow Does Top Gear
15-06-201720:30Duchess of Small Headington8 - 4Zee Romans
22-06-201720:30Colin Cooper2 - 3Daniel Webber
29-06-201720:30Rainbow Does Top Gear5 - 7Duchess of Small Headington
29-06-201720:30Romaniacs 2.08 - 4Farts and the Furious
29-06-201720:30Rotten Romans8 - 4Pride of B2
29-06-201720:30Coopers A8 - 4Golden Horse
06-07-201720:30Farts and the Furious7 - 5Rotten Romans
06-07-201720:30Duchess of Small Headington7 - 5Coopers A
06-07-201720:30Zee Romans6 - 6Rainbow Does Top Gear
06-07-201720:30Golden Horse2 - 10Romaniacs 2.0
13-07-201720:30Rotten Romans9 - 3Golden Horse
13-07-201720:30Coopers A8 - 4Zee Romans
13-07-201720:30Romaniacs 2.06 - 6Duchess of Small Headington
13-07-201720:30Pride of B27 - 5Farts and the Furious
20-07-201700:24Graham Clarke4 - 0David Locke
20-07-201700:24Dale Green3 - 4Ed Bruley
20-07-201700:24Scott McMillan4 - 1Steve Rose
20-07-201700:24Paul Howton4 - 2Andy Rose
20-07-201720:00Connor Singleton4 - 0Mark Oliver
20-07-201720:00Paul James4 - 3Rob James
20-07-201720:00Gary Matthews4 - 3Daniel Webber
20-07-201720:00Callum Singleton4 - 1Martin Harrison
20-07-201720:30Daniel Webber3 - 1Daniel Trasler
20-07-201720:30Dave Biseker2 - 3Rob James
20-07-201720:30Steve Rose3 - 2Dave Evans
20-07-201720:30Dale Green3 - 0Emma Cunningham
20-07-201720:30Stuart Harthen2 - 3Scott McMillan
20-07-201720:30Rob O'Keefe1 - 3Paul James
20-07-201720:30Tony Illingworth2 - 3Martin Harrison
20-07-201720:30Daniel Thody2 - 3Ed Bruley
20-07-201720:30Greg Brown1 - 3Gary Matthews
20-07-201720:30Andy Cox1 - 3Mark Oliver
20-07-201720:30Paul Howton3 - 0Danny Milbourne
20-07-201720:30Luke Clinton2 - 3Graham Clarke
20-07-201720:30Connor Singleton3 - 1Aron Ross
20-07-201720:30David Locke3 - 0Lauren Williams
20-07-201720:30Richie Matthews1 - 3Andy Rose
20-07-201720:30Callum Singleton3 - 1Scott Foster
27-07-201720:30Rainbow Does Top Gear3 - 9Coopers A
27-07-201720:30Zee Romans5 - 7Romaniacs 2.0
27-07-201720:30Duchess of Small Headington8 - 4Rotten Romans
27-07-201720:30Golden Horse9 - 3Pride of B2
03-08-201720:30Romaniacs 2.06 - 6Rainbow Does Top Gear
03-08-201720:30Rotten Romans7 - 5Zee Romans
03-08-201720:30Pride of B24 - 8Duchess of Small Headington
03-08-201720:30Farts and the Furious7 - 5Golden Horse
10-08-201720:30Coopers A5 - 7Romaniacs 2.0
10-08-201720:30Rainbow Does Top Gear2 - 10Rotten Romans
10-08-201720:30Zee Romans5 - 7Pride of B2
10-08-201720:30Duchess of Small Headington4 - 8Farts and the Furious
15-08-201720:00Ed Bruley5 - 0Scott McMillan
17-08-201720:00Graham Clarke5 - 0Gary Matthews
17-08-201720:00Callum Singleton5 - 1Connor Singleton
17-08-201721:00Paul Howton5 - 0Paul James
24-08-201720:30Coopers A8 - 4Rotten Romans
24-08-201720:30Rainbow Does Top Gear7 - 5Pride of B2
24-08-201720:30Zee Romans8 - 4Farts and the Furious
24-08-201720:30Duchess of Small Headington10 - 2Golden Horse
31-08-201720:30Pride of B26 - 6Coopers A
31-08-201720:30Rotten Romans4 - 8Romaniacs 2.0
31-08-201720:30Golden Horse5 - 7Zee Romans
31-08-201720:30Farts and the Furious8 - 0Rainbow Does Top Gear
07-09-201720:30Rainbow Does Top Gear8 - 0Golden Horse
07-09-201720:30Zee Romans4 - 8Duchess of Small Headington
07-09-201720:30Coopers A10 - 2Farts and the Furious
07-09-201720:30Romaniacs 2.07 - 5Pride of B2
14-09-201720:30Graham Clarke3 - 6Callum Singleton
14-09-201720:30Ed Bruley0 - 6Paul Howton
21-09-201720:30Duchess of Small Headington9 - 3Rainbow Does Top Gear
21-09-201720:30Farts and the Furious4 - 8Romaniacs 2.0
21-09-201720:30Pride of B23 - 9Rotten Romans
21-09-201720:30Golden Horse6 - 6Coopers A
28-09-201720:30Romaniacs 2.09 - 3Golden Horse
28-09-201720:30Coopers A4 - 8Duchess of Small Headington
28-09-201720:30Rotten Romans9 - 3Farts and the Furious
28-09-201720:30Rainbow Does Top Gear5 - 7Zee Romans
05-10-201720:30Duchess of Small Headington11 - 1Romaniacs 2.0
05-10-201720:30Farts and the Furious7 - 5Pride of B2
05-10-201720:30Zee Romans6 - 6Coopers A
12-10-201720:30Paul Howton3 - 7Callum Singleton
12-10-201720:30Golden Horse10 - 2Rotten Romans
19-10-201720:30Rotten Romans2 - 10Duchess of Small Headington
19-10-201720:30Pride of B24 - 8Golden Horse
19-10-201720:30Romaniacs 2.010 - 2Zee Romans
19-10-201720:30Coopers A10 - 2Rainbow Does Top Gear
25-10-201720:30Romaniacs 2.05 - 7Coopers A
26-10-201720:30Rainbow Does Top Gear6 - 6Romaniacs 2.0
26-10-201720:30Duchess of Small Headington6 - 6Pride of B2
26-10-201720:30Golden Horse6 - 6Farts and the Furious
26-10-201720:30Zee Romans3 - 9Rotten Romans
02-11-201720:30Rotten Romans9 - 3Rainbow Does Top Gear
02-11-201720:30Pride of B26 - 6Zee Romans
02-11-201720:30Farts and the Furious0 - 8Duchess of Small Headington